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[1.7.2] xray mod - minecraft forum, I really don't like using x-ray, only when i want to find items on singleplayer, thats it.. X-ray mod | minecraft mods, Risugami’s biosphere mod is a world generation mod that will generate a world filled with massive glass spheres each containing a different biome.. [1.6.4] basic guns mod ! [1.6.4 updated] [fixed, This mod is exactly what it sounds like. a basic gun mod for minecraft. this mod has six different types of guns: pistol smg shotgun lmg assault rifle.

[1.6.4 smp] chickenbones mods - minecraft forum, Latest news. 1.6.4 versions uploaded there is no coremods folder anymore, all mods go in mods. downloads and installation. [1.7.2] [1.6.4] [forge] [sp + mp] the dalek mod - updated, Note that you can have mods covering the same subject for different ideas. you'll notice that mod there is a total conversion mod, that more than likely. [1.6.4] [v6.3.0] [320,000 downloads] the wars mod, The wars mod was started by me late august last year and has grown into an incredibly popular and feature extensive mod. recently reaching over 320,000.